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What our patients are saying about us…

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“Dr. Geric and staff did an astonishing job.” - Greig

“Every person was extremely professional & courteous.” - Mason

“Your office & staff are the Very Best in Tampa!” - Nancy

“Hailey’s teeth look beautiful!! Everyone is so impressed with her smile.” - Stephanie

“I have already recommended one of my closest friends.” - Cathy

“The results were better than expected.” - Sondra

“Our experience with Geric Orthodontics has been nothing but positive.” - Sophia

“Your care has been top notch.” - Michelle

“Your patience and care are so appreciated.” - Randy

“Our experience with Geric Orthodontics was absolutely wonderful!” - Baylin

“Your office was ALWAYS welcoming & helpful.” - Cheryl

“I love all of the staff. They make me feel like part of the family.” - Amy

“Very accommodating.” - Lisa

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Geric Orthodontics rates a 10!” - Christine

“Logan is going to miss coming there.” - Gail

“An excellent experience overall!” - a pleased parent

“We love you guys.” - Jeff & Alicia

“Love the wireless hook up!” - Joyce & Larry

“You guys are Perfect!” - Brenda

“Thank you for being so nice and friendly.” - another satisfied parent

“You all rock! Thanks for everything!” - Blaik

“We have recommended Dr. Geric and his staff to all of our friends!” - Laurie

“We love you Dr. Geric & crew.” - Karen

“Your staff is very professional, yet fun!” - Jennifer

“We had a great experience & recommend you to everyone!” - Payton

“We’ll be back!” - Dionne

“Service was always pleasant & everyone is very friendly.” - Carlos

“Everyone is very nice & comforting.” - Mercedes

“Over the past years all of you have become family!” - Michelle

“U R the BEST of the BEST!” - another pleased patient

“The staff has made me feel as if I am part of their family.” - Erin

“I am thrilled with the results. They have exceeded my expectations!” - Judy

“I feel you have a top notch office staff.” - Norma

“Dr. Geric is awesome.” - Eric

“My smile looks great!” - Vera

“Everyone there is great. I look forward to my appointments.” - Jacquelyn

“Love everyone's friendly attitude!” - Lee

“Wonderful staff - always smiling!” - a caring parent

“Go Gators!” - Bob

“Thank you for my daughter’s beautiful smile.” - Audrey

“Timely appointments.” - Cory

“Everyone gets 5 stars!” - Michael

“Everything was above & beyond what was expected.” - pleased family

“We’ve had a most pleasant orthodontic experience!” - Linda

“Loved the music while waiting.” - Nancy

“Great to work with - staff is friendly, knowledgeable & flexible.” - Cindy

“You all are the best!” - Karen

“I was pleased with our experience from beginning to end.” - Tina

“This has been the best experience I’ve ever had with a medical office.” - Lisa

“I recommend your office to everyone!” - Martha

“You have a very organized, professional, clean, friendly office.” - Valerie

“Dr. Geric is very caring.” - Colon

“Overall experience was excellent.” - Justin

“Everyone is nice to me & I will never forget this place.” - Brandon

“This place rocks!” - Brandon

“I like Geric Orthodontics because they made my teeth straight. I love them.” - Jared

“Braces have changed my whole life!” - Payton

“Dr. Geric not only makes us have wonderful smiles, but makes brushing teeth more fun for kids.” - Daniella

“I love playing the games while waiting for your appointment & getting prizes afterwards.” - Gillian

“I like the kid friendly office.” - Kristen

“I love coming to my appointments, it’s like a second home!” - Nicole

“I love the way I feel comfortable, it’s like having a whole office of friends.” - Rachel

“You always make sure you’re gentle when you touch my mouth!” - Madison

“Your office is awesome! I love everything about it!” - Kayla

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